Suhaib M. Siddiqi, Ph.D.
Why am I putting this web? No particular purpose.
Originally, I am from India. I migrated to the USA in 1980. I did high School to M.Sc in Chemistry from Aligarh Muslim University, India , followed by M.Sc in Organic Chemistry from Canada and Dr. Technische Chemie (US Equivalent, Ph.D.) from Vienna.

I speak Urdu (My mother tongue), English, and German. My father Dr. Ibn-e-Fareed was one of the famous Urdu literature writer.
I am a Medicinal Chemist as well as a Computational Chemist.
At my previous employment, I led the efforts to establish a Computational/Structural Chemistry Dept. Thereafter, at two different employers, I was hired to establish the Medicinal Chemistry departments from scratch. Both of those companies are publicly traded pharmaceuticals companies with two of my discoveries in the Clinical trials.

Several of my publications are about:

First to discover the most potent, very selective Adenosine Receptor A3 agonist. It is still used as a reference compound for Adenosine Receptors research

First to discover the most potent and very selective P2Y2 (P2U) receptor agonist, which is used as a reference compound for P2 receptors research work.

First to propose nor-Aristeromycin and its derivative as potent non-cytotoxic S-adenosyl-homocysteine (SAH) hydrolase inhibitors as potent broad spectrum antiviral agents.

First to propose and implement virtual terminators concept for genome sequencing.

After employment at NIH, and several Pharmaceuticals companies, I am currently working as a director of chemistry at a Genomics Biotechnology company, where I am leading the efforts to design new sequencing technology, i.e. alternative to laborious, and expensive Sanger Sequencing methods. My recent efforts have led to some proprietary technology as an alternative to Sanger Method for Sequencing. It has resulted in 12 filed Patent Applications and a few manuscripts for Nature, which are under preparation.

I have over 30 publications in peer-reviewed Journals, 35 Patents and Patent Applications, and 19 invited talks and seminars on various aspects of drug development and biotechnology.

I am married and have a beautiful son. He is too smart. He amazes me always with his intelligence for learning new things. You need to show him something only once and he would know how to do it.

My Hobbies are Photography, pool and Programming. I created and originally lead the Linux Xfree port to Windows Open Source Project at (I am no more active at it.) I also ported EMBL's WHAT IF Protein Modeling software for Unix to Windows. It was a long project, of porting hundreds of thousands of computer code to Windows and fixing bugs. WHAT IF Project started as a hobby (well, I actually needed a good Protein modeling and analysis software for work),
Hobby picture Sample
Efcavitch (center) with Suhaib Siddiqi, Helicos' director of organic synthesis (left) and Abhijeet Shinde, senior engineer (right). (The Scientist, 2008, Volume 22, issue 1, Page 63)
Aligarh Urdu Club
Hobbies: Photography
Name: Suhaib Siddiqi
E-Mail smsiddiqi at ssiddiqi dot com
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